Ten Natural Attractions That Are Soon To Be Extinct

Believe it or not, scientists and environmentalists have predicted that over the next century, we are going to lose several of mother nature’s most beautiful creations. From the Galapagos Islands to the Dead Sea, this informative infographic explains how these eight natural wonders are soon find themselves in pages of our history books. Take note of the time remaining, and if you get a chance, make a trip before it’s too late.

As I mentioned in my post last Thursday, the status of the world isn’t too great. Along with the depletion of earth’s natural resources, the weather is getting crazy: deadly tornadoes, sweltering heat (I’m talking to you Texas), and freak blizzard hurricanes. Since the world is going through a weird phase right now, who knows how much longer we’ll have some of the world’s natural wonders.

Source: 10 Places to See Before They’re Gone [Infographic] | Daily Infographic

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