Boost Website Performance With Free CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare is one of the leading Content Delivery Networks and offers an extensive set of features to both its Free and Paid customers. The easy-to-use online control panel allows users to control features like their robust firewall system, DNS management, IPv6 compatibility, SSL encryption, Hotlink Protection, Email Address Obfuscation, and Response Buffering. CloudFlare’s Always Online™ technology goes as far as serving a static version of your website from their cache anytime your website goes down. This infographic explains why every website should be incorporate a content delivery network like CloudFlare to boost performance.


A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed network of servers scattered in data centers all over the world. It caches various types of web content, then delivers this content from based on the geographic location of the visitor and the origin host server of the website. The end-goal of a CDN is to improve website performance and serve content to end-users at higher speeds. A CDN often provides other website optimization options such as the ability to minify HTML, Javascript and CSS files, set cache expiration headers, and optimize website images and/or videos.

CloudFlare is designed to take a great hosting platform like WebHostFace and make it even better. Used along our shared hosting plans, CloudFlare makes your websites comfortable, easy and quick to navigate. And if there is anything better than a service that saves time, nerves and money while providing a pleasant experience for your visitors, that would definitely be a free service that achieves it. Yes, you read it correctly, CloudFlare is free for our customers using shared hosting plans. What is more, we have integrated an easy-to-use button in your cPanel so that you save a ton of hassle and time and set it up with just a click. Just look for the CloudFlare icon, choose the domain you want to enable, and click the orange cloud. That’s it! For site owners who would like to take advantage of CloudFlare’s advanced offerings, there is a paid Pro version available as well.

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