Google’s Weapon In YouTube’s Ongoing Copyright War

Google’s Content ID system has revolutionized piracy prevention and detection in the online space. Content ID is essentially a sophisticated copyright infringement filter on any and all content that is hosted on their global video-sharing website YouTube. It does so by scanning and flagging uploads against an enormous database of licensed material. The system has helped the movie and music industries make tons of money from online content that would otherwise have gone un-monetized.

Despite their efforts, many big players in the music industry are now arguing that “Youtube does not do enough to protect artists from piracy”. This statistical infographic posted by Google on their public policy blog is an attempt to reassure license holders that the Content ID system is a lot more effective than they presume it to be.

Learn more about Youtube’s Content ID system: Youtube Help: How Content ID Works
Learn more about Google fights piracy in their official report: How Google Fights Piracy (PDF)

“In many ways, Content ID is an engine that helps make YouTube the platform for creativity that it is today.”

Source: Continuing to Create Value While Fighting Piracy: An Update

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