The Many Uses Of The Coconut Fruit And Tree

The Coconut Tree is one of the most functional plants in the world. Most of us are familiar with the benefits of Coconut Water that come from the Coconut Fruit itself, but traditional cultures around the world have been using other parts of the coconut tree and fruit for centuries. Coconut meat, husks, and shells from the fruit, as well as leaves, trunks and roots from the coconut tree are all useful in some way. This makes coconut cultivation one of the most sustainable practices on Earth! This informative infographic describes how various parts of the Coconut Tree and Coconut Fruit are used, particularly in Asian and Polynesian cultures.

Coconut Uses Infographic

Find out how to maximize the uses of the coconut tree — from the husks and roots to coconut oil — through this Mercola infographic.

Source: Mercola – Take Control Of Your Health

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