26 Alpha-Superfoods From Almonds to Zucchini

It may seem like that healthy foods are scarce nowadays, hidden among the hoards of processed and packaged products on the shelves of our grocery store. While this may be true, most of us simply do not know what to look for when it comes to healthy food options. However, maintaining a nutritious diet does not have to be a complex task, especially if one knows where to look.

Nuffield’s health research team has done the work for us. They’ve put together a comprehensive infographic list of the top Superfoods from A to Z. The term superfood in this infographic refers to natural food items with nutritional significance that are proven to have anticipated health benefits. Bon Appétit!

superfoods infographic

Nuffield Health’s research team looked into the most beneficial foods and have created a complete A-Z list of foods that provide the most bang for bite when it comes to vitamins and other healthy nutrients. Supplementing your regular diet with a selection of these consumables is an easy way to supercharge your health, without going hungry.

Source: Nuffield Health | Private Hospitals, Gyms, Corporate Fitness

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