Wine And Food Pairing Perfection

Here’s the prescription that solves all your and pairing problems. Use this pairing guide wisely, and be sure to drink responsibly.

Each wine has a distinct taste that works well with the flavors in certain foods. Many of us figure out on our own that Moscato does not go well with fish or that you should never serve Merlot with your dessert. These are combinations that would be unheard of in the finer eateries of the world.

The Gist Of This Infographic

We all know that pairing wine and food appropriately can be a rather daunting task, especially for the perfectionists out there. This infographic prescribes us the ideal type of food for each of the eight different genres of wine: dry white, sweet white, rich white, and sparkling wine, as well as light red, medium red, bold red, and dessert wine.

Use this infographic prescription as needed, and rest assured that you will order the perfect wine at your next restaurant dinner, or even impress your guests the next time you host a party.

More About Wine And Food Pairing

The concept behind wine and food matching is that elements of wine and food (like weight, texture and flavor) interact with each other. Experts believe the key to making this part of the dining experience more enjoyable is finding the ideal combination of these elements.

There are many publications that describe optimal wine food pairing guidelines; however, it is generally accepted that balance between the “weight” of the food and the weight (or body) of the wine is critical to optimal pairing. (Learn more on Wikipedia)

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