Thanksgiving Dinner Calculator

Hosting thanksgiving can be a nightmare, unless you’re wise enough to use this Thanksgiving Dinner Calculator infographic by Maria Onzain.

Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence.
Erma Bombeck

The Gist Of This Infographic
The time has come to plan for and prepare thanksgiving dinner. You are standing there staring at your kitchen, asking yourself: how much turkey do I actually need? How long will it take to thaw my frozen turkey? How do I brine my turkey, and for how long? How do I roast my turkey without ruining it? How much basking is actually needed? What else do I serve alongside my beautiful bird?

You’ve been searching for answers to this thanksgiving nightmare and have now landed on this infographic. Or better yet, you were proactive and pinned this infographic to your Pinterest board, bookmark it or save it some way. Either way, it’s time to leverage the $%^& out of this thanksgiving dinner calculator and host the best thanksgiving ever! You go girl (or guy)!

About The First Thanksgiving Dinner
The 1621 feast between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag at Plymouth Colony is traditionally referred to as “The First Thanksgiving” dinner. It contained turkey, venison, waterfowl, lobster, fish, clams, fruit, berries, squash and pumpkin. Many of the food items in this first thanksgiving dinner have become staples of today’s modernized Thanksgiving dinner. (Learn more on Wikipedia)

One notable change is that we have done away with all seafood items. Any idea why seafood was removed? Leave your answers in the comments section below.

Looking to host an authentic thanksgiving dinner? Try this recipe book: Thanksgiving Dinner: from Super Easy to Grandma’s Traditional Dinner

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