What Kind Of First Impression Does Your Office Make?

Your best clients and your top employees have something in common – they are all people, human beings. And as people, they often fall victims to the ‘Halo Effect’, a cognitive bias in which their overall impression of a person, product or company influences their thoughts and feelings about that particular entity. The Halo Effect tends to extend beyond the initial impression that triggered it; this is why first impressions are so critical.

If a business is looking to beat their competition and come out on top, they are going to have to hire the best possible employees and attract the most lucrative clients. They will also want to do everything they can to ensure that these employer-employee and business-client relationships are long-lasting.

This statistical infographic depicts the importance of first impressions in business/workplace environments. It also provides some ideas on how to create a great first impression for clients and staff at the office.

A bad first impression can have a negative impact on the future of your company.

Source: CMD Limited – What Does Your Office Say About Your Company?

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