IoT-Enabled Applications & The Future Of Data Analytics

Adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is happening now across a wide range of industries. Cloud Services such as Oracle’s IoT Service and the IBM Watson IoT Platform are allowing organizations to capture, aggregate and analyze relevant data from devices that are connected to the internet.

You’ve heard the numbers – tens of billions of internet-connected “things” expected by 2020, generating zettabytes of new data. This statistical infographic by examines this exponential growth in IoT-related data and how IoT-Enabled Applications (such as those offered by Oracle and IBM) are the next big tools enabling rapid innovation and business development.

When Oracle wanted spread the word about how their IoT (Internet of Things) cloud service is poised to store, manage and analyze what’s expected to be a staggering amount of industry data, it turned to Visually to get the job done.

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service

Source: The Internet of Things Cloud Service | Visually

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